ActInSpace is a contest invented by CNES (National Centre for Space Studies),CNES and ESA (European Space Agency) co-organize the event since the second edition. Both have deleguate to ESA BIC Sud France the practical aspect of the organization.

This event brings together entrepreneurs, students, job seekers, developers, creative users over a weekend. The goal is to form teams and resolve within 24 hours one of the challenges proposed by the organizers. The challenges consist in finding every day uses for space developped technologies or space acquired data.

The winning teams will proceed to the national and International finals. All the realistic projects will receive support via the ESA BIC and partners incubators to foster the emergence of new startups.

Enough word... watch the ActInSpace 2016's movie !

ActInSpace 2018 will be an international event. At least 60 locations in 40 countries are expected ! Take a look at expected hosting cities !

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International prizes

  • 1st Prize ActInSpace

    The best team of ActInSpace 2018 will win a flight in zero gravity in the training aircraft for Novespace astronauts.

    The 1st prize in movie !

  • Airbus Defence and Space Prize

    Airbus is supporting ActInSpace 2018. Airbus will provide challenges and will offer a special prize.

Key figures in 2016

patents filed each year by the CNES
of mobile phones equipped with a satellite positioning system (GNSS)
is the multiplier of the economic benefits of space for every €1 invested
jobs created through space, in Europe
startups created thanks to ESA BIC network
participants expected for ActInSpace 2

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Key dates

Key milestones, jury dates, final date