• Start Track

    Start Track is a young start-up based in Toulouse, which has emerged from ActInSpace I. Together with the CNES we are developing  and adapting an innovating technology which was initially designed to train astronauts for their spacewalks, after 10 years of research and development.

    We hope to introduce this technology to a mainstream market. Our application will improve the health and well-being of individuals through the practice of a physical activity adapted to the real capacities of the individual and their health conditions.

    The aim is that anyone can practice or resume a physical activity safely in the best conditions.

    For this, our application takes into account various parameters which include the physiology of the individual and the environment in which he wishes to evolve. The goal is to identify the limits of their physical capacity, before beginning their activity,  in order to send them highly customized recommendations that will enable them to adapt their efforts with respect to their  health conditions and their predispositions.

    Start Track has also an ambition and a perspective of improving the lives of people with certain chronic diseases (diabetes, cancer, ...).

    In fact , we want to work closely with health professionals to define and impute  new parameters in the application,  allowing it to take into consideration these illnesses  enabling  an  appropriate  and healthy physical activity.

    With Start track, practice sport safely☺


  • OSOL

    Having begun as regional winner and national runner-up in the first edition of ActInSpace, 

    O'Sol is a start-up project located at the PACA-Est business incubator. It aims to develop a compact and lightweight solar generator that uses a deployment mechanism similar to those found in satellite solar arrays. The team is currently patenting their technology, which has evolved since ActInSpace, and is designing a first working prototype.

    They are hoping to integrate the ESA Business Incubation Centre Sud France in the first half of 2016.

  • TrackMyFit

    TrackMyFit is a connected and collaborative platform dedicated to fitness training. It’s a tool for athletes and their coaches, whether they are professional or amateur. The platform is designed to facilitate a better relationship between the sportsmen and their staff. It also aims to bring fitness centers and gyms closer to their members. TrackMyFit is based on PhysioTrack: a technology that we discovered upon the Act'in'Space 2014 event.

    PhysioTrack is a model predicting athlete's performances on a predefined track for endurance sports (cycling, running), taking into account his/her abilities and past performances. Our idea is to extend this patent to other sports (including weights, swimming, stretching). Aiming to provide TrackMyFit users with a prevention tool that will help them execute their physical trainings with the right intensity and  correct form.

    Today, TrackMyFit allows users to ajust there fitness training to the sportsmen’s characteristics in order to limit risk of injuries or overtraining. Notably, aims to predict the athletes performances of a session.


  • Izard Golf

    Created in 2011, SBEDP-IzarGolf is a young start-up offering innovative services to the golfing world, including golf professionals and golf players. SBEDP-IzarGolf develops software and associated services aiming at modernizing the traditional way of golfing by bringing golf players and their clubs closer. Using technologies such as space-based precision positioning, routing and big data analysis, services offered by SBEDP-IzarGolf both facilitate course management and provide real time statistics.

    ActInSpace 1 was an opportunity for  IzarGolf  to try out 3D modeling technologies derived from photos,  in the development of IzarMapping . This allowed us to exclude this possibility, unsustainable for future developments, and to hire a surveyor to have a first model on which to start.