Challenge Morocco No.UIR05
Against noise pollution
Help people avoid the noise!
 Perform market research and present a marketing strategy
Develop an application or software that you will use this program
Make a video or a presentation of the project stages
Define an effective strategy for the project

Challenge description


GPS (Global Positioning System) is today a technology which is present in all the domains. It can provide the position of each selected  item via the principle of satellite triangulation.

- Consider an application that can transmit the position of the user and to show him the neighborhoods that surround them with real-time noise levels.

- Submit a notification system in your application.



Noise pollution is increasingly considered by citizens. Now she parties dwelling places of sale criteria and many buyers avoid certain cities or certain neighborhood because of the noise.

- Develop an application that will allow citizens to know the most and least noisy places in their city.

- Help users to locate noise factor.