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  • Challenge International no Airbus DS01

    Easy mobility for everyone

    Improve the mobility of disabled people thanks to space technologies
  • Challenge International no Airbus DS02

    Propose new disruptive experiences in Space

    Imagine the future of Space tourism using Augmented and/or Virtual Reality
  • Challenge International no Airbus DS03

    Travel in Space with your friends faster than light!

    Imagine a network game using virtual reality around Space exploration
  • Challenge International no Airbus DS04

    Imagine a service that could provide an updated view of your city

    Regular high resolution satellite imagery  of cities delivered online
  • Challenge International no Airbus DS05

    Think of a novel application on the basis of a world-wide available 3D information

    Feel free to merge any other available data sources (weather, satellite imagery, maps...)
  • Challenge International no Airbus DS06

    Space systems and services for exclusive people

    Imagine you sell an exclusive space system for exclusive people, offering unique , personal services from space.
  • Challenge International no Airbus DS07

    Generic ground station and application for nanosatellites

    Imagine a generic ground station & application for monitoring nanosatellites
  • Challenge International no Airbus DS08

    Optimize your holidays and leisure activities!

    Optimize your leisure time thanks to satellite data and services
  • Challenge International no Airbus DS09

    Rainfall intensity assessment in real time

    Worldwide assessment of rainfall intensity thanks to space, aerial and terrestrial data
  • Challenge Germany no cesah01

    Indoor navigation and wayfinding in hospitals

    ActInSpace and LifeScienceMeetsIT_Indoor navigation and wayfinding in hospitals
  • Challenge International no CMEMS01

    A 4D exploitation from oceanographic data

    Imagine 4D visualisation of ocean data!
  • Challenge International no CMEMS02

    A new oceanic database

    Develop a participatory application for collecting ocean data !
  • Challenge International no CMEMS03

    Oceanographic data quality compression

    Improve the compression of ocean model data !
  • Challenge International no CMEMS04

    Mediating device based on oceanographic data

    Develop an original tool for scientific mediation !
  • Challenge International no CNES01

    Ecodrive software

    Drive smarter for better fuel efficiency!
  • Challenge International no CNES02

    Self Opening Structure

    Bend over backwards to imagine a self-opening product
  • Challenge International no CNES03

    Outbreak Weather Forecast

    Get ahead on climate
  • Challenge International no CNES04

    Remote control by magnetic movement

    Steal the abilities from Magneto
  • Challenge International no CNES05

    An optimal WiFi-3G-4G Network

    Get rid of the lag for your video
  • Challenge International no CNES06

    3D Mapping for smartphone

    Make your smartphone fly for 3D-selfies
  • Challenge International no CNES07

    Vertical turbines linked together

    Revolutionize the world of wind power! 
  • Challenge International no CNES08

    Transport from hazardous samples

    Fast response on the field while protecting populations
  • Challenge International no CNES09

    Photodiode for radioactive dose

    Yield the dose in radioactive environment!
  • Challenge International no CNES10

    Improve compression quality of pictures/ videos P/V

    Look further, look sharper
  • Challenge International no CNES11

    Optical add-on for 3D pictures

    Switch to live 3D
  • Challenge International no CNES12

    A revolutionnal earth imaging system

    Widen the scope of application of earth observation
  • Challenge International no CNES13

    Fair sharing against overbooking

    Be fair to share access to yours resources!
  • Challenge International no CNES14

    Easier mapping and analysis from the IP network

    Ease the visualization of a computer network!
  • Challenge International no CNES15

    Absolute positioning for precision agriculture

    Position your crops for bio multiculture !
  • Challenge International no CNES16

    Optimise the longevity of launch site infrastructures

    Gain Space without taking up more land
  • Challenge International no CNES17

    Reduce the need of probe-rockets

    Drones to replace probe rockets!
  • Challenge International no CNES18

    Improving communications through aircraft

    Relay aircraft for better network coverage!
  • Challenge International no CNES19

    Aerial vehicles for airborne launch

    From aircraft carriers to drone carriers!
  • Challenge International no CNES20

    Reduction in dazzle caused by reflections

    Block unavoidable reflections !
  • Challenge International no CNES21

    Communication in an aircraft cabin

    Communicate without constraints
  • Challenge International no CNES22

    Pointing device using magnetic sensors

    A constant link between the device and the screen
  • Challenge International no CNES23

    Hyper spectral spectrophotometer

    Detect the undetectable !
  • Challenge International no CNES24

    RFID sensor with data storage

    Add collection capabilities to your RFID sensors !
  • Challenge International no CNES25

    Automatic detection of atypical behaviours

    Find the undetectable anomaly !
  • Challenge International no CNES26

    Assessing surface particle concentration

    Survey the quality of your environment!
  • Challenge International no CNES27

    Mirror surface observation

    Eliminate reflections
  • Challenge International no CNES28

    Localisation using mobile GNSS – ARVA in the snow

    More effective than an avalanche dog, a probe and an AVD
  • Challenge International no CNES29

    Control command: reliable IT network

    Take control!
  • Challenge International no CNES30

    3D modelling software with Excel

    Simplify modelling!
  • Challenge International no CNES31

    Collaborative GNSS signal authentication system and process

    Secure the position of a group due to a single member!
  • Challenge International no CNES32

    Collaborative GNSS to correct errors

    Eliminate errors thanks to the community
  • Challenge International no CNES33

    Ultra-thin inflatable structure

    An inflatable structure for emergency situations!
  • Challenge International no ESA01

    A shorter time for 3D-printing

    Speak a command, press a few buttons, and in seconds your item appears
  • Challenge International no ESA02

    A decreased 3D-printers weight

    A 3D-printer light as a feather
  • Challenge International no ESA03

    Compactly deployable structures

    Feel at home everywhere ! 
  • Challenge International no ESA04

    Tele-manipulated robots

    Change a man into a machine
  • Challenge International no ESA05

    A slight modulated meta-surface antenna

    Improve meta-surface antennas
  • Challenge International no ESA06

    Stable and stiff modular construction

    Fold & deploy is your business; make it a success!
  • Challenge International no ESA07

    Robotic hands

    Do you want me to give a hand?
  • Challenge International no ESA08

    Centralized electrical actuators

    Speak a command and your habitat is deployed everywhere!
  • Challenge International no ESA09

    Electrical power conditioning unit managing power sources energies

    Please, don't be Fuelish!
  • Challenge International no ESA10

    Sequential Serial Shunt Regulator

    Watt challenge is for you?
  • Challenge International no ESA11

    A control circuit ensuring operation of the solar array

     Manage energy well, To avoid damage and hell! 
  • Challenge International no ESA12

    "Tensegrity" for deployable structures

    Pack & Unpack a tensegrity - based structure in a while! Tense a great business! 
  • Challenge International no ESA13

    Automatic system identification of potential anomalies in times series

    Anomalies in time series are not a serious drama anymore!
  • Challenge International no ESA14

    Telemetric device re-sampling time series data

    A better decision comes from a very comprehensive set of information
  • Challenge Netherlands no NL001

    Multirobot Systems

    Explore the use of a multi-robot networked system to accomplish the initial phase of moon village development
  • Challenge Brasil no PUCRS01

    Microgravity countermeasures for long-term space missions

    Improving health on Earth through artificial gravity applications.
  • Challenge Brasil no PUCRS02

    Countermeasures to Radiation Exposure During Deep-Space Missions

    Develop novel solutions to prevent the effects of long exposure to radiation
  • Challenge Brasil no PUCRS03

    Remote Medical Evaluation for a better health assistance

    Remote health assistance to improve health care delivery
  • Challenge Brasil no PUCRS04

    Blood Collector Device and Blood Analysis Procedure

    Easy blood collection procedure for clinical diagnosis
  • Challenge Brasil no PUCRS05

    Process of Growing Plants under Hypergravity Conditions

    Feeding the planet by growing plants faster in Hypergravity
  • Challenge Brasil no PUCRS06

    Portable and Individual Dark Chamber

    Help pilots fly in conditions of low visibility 
  • Challenge Brasil no PUCRS07

    A Deployable Planar Reflectarray for CubeSat LEO Satellites

    High  Directivity  CubeSat Link
  • Challenge Brasil no PUCRS08

    Intelligent Climate Analysis for Resilient Cities

    Intelligent Systems for Climate Analysis 
  • Challenge Morocco no UIR01

    In Flight battery charging system

    For longer missions in flight!
  • Challenge Morocco no UIR02

    UAVs - Regulatory Aspects, Limits and Perspectives

    Do not be afraid of drones above your heads!
  • Challenge Morocco no UIR03

    Aerospace Maintenance -Visualization and diagnosis of faults in complex systems

    Design a solution to identify and diagnose faults in complex aerospace systems
  • Challenge Morocco no UIR04

    Remote Home

    Control your home remotely!
  • Challenge Morocco no UIR05

    Against noise pollution

    Help people avoid the noise!
  • Challenge United Kingdom no UOG01

    Smart Cities

    Smart Cities aim to improve the quality of life by using technology to simplify services and meet residents' needs.