Challenge No.Airbus DS05
Think of a novel application on the basis of a world-wide available 3D information
Feel free to merge any other available data sources (weather, satellite imagery, maps...)
Keep an eye on possible revenue streams
Develop a mock-up  application to showcase your application and thoughts
Propose a solution to bring the usefulness of unique geo-information to millions of consumers
Think about how it can be mix with other data

Challenge description


Airbus Defence and Space Radar Satellites namely TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X have been working meticulously since 2010 to create a unique worldwide available 3D representation (X, Y and Z co-ordinates) of the Earth surface. 
The resulting product is called WorldDEM, details and specifications are available at the following link. 
Key differentiators are its global coverage, resolution, accuracy and commercial licensing.


The essence of this challenge is to come up with novel mobile application(s) of this unique elevation product which is available only with Airbus Defence and Space. 
The application can be targeted to small businesses or every day consumers like you and us.
To get the look and feel of the WorldDEM a sample dataset over urban cities and countryside will be provided along with necessary metadata and product description. 
The winners would be judged on the idea’s technical concept/feasibility and a supporting business model.

Please send an email to to access data + explanation to use it.