Challenge No.Airbus DS04
Imagine a service that could provide an updated view of your city
Regular high resolution satellite imagery  of cities delivered online
Show how it will bring value to urbanists, planners, managers, citizens, drivers, cyclists and many more!
A city is an extremely complex structure which evolve day after day
A city is an extremely complex structure which evolve day after day
One change brings another change. Your application is part of an eco-system 

Challenge description


Since 2011, the CNES' Pleiades constellation deliver daily imagery of the Earth at 50 cm resolution. The imagery is processed to be perfectly aligned with topographic maps and GPS signals. 

A huge quantity of imagery has been collected and stored since the launch of Pleiades. Airbus Defence and Space enables easy access to this data through an efficient catalog, ordering, tasking and viewing API. 


Airbus Defence and Space offers the participants to this challenge to access a preview of the next version of the viewing API that allows time-based requests. 

Imagery over a city at 50 cm and multiple dates (from daily to monthly revisit) will be available instantly through this new API. The imagery will align perfectly allowing for automatic change detection or machine learning.

Which innovative service would you create if you could get easy access to regular satellite monitoring of cities? 
For example, you could try to setup a predictive model based on change detection from imagery and other sources of information !

Please connect to (Datasets + Register) to access satellite data Pleiades over Toulouse + APIs.