Challenge No.Airbus DS03
Travel in Space with your friends faster than light!
Imagine a network game using virtual reality around Space exploration
Build a business model giving even more added-value to Space imagery data and exploration modules
Develop a game concept allowing people to discover/learn about planets/asteroids/stars...
Our Universe is very complex, better known by scientists than general public
Your game could be connected to the Internet (linking people together)

Challenge description


Airbus Defence & Space takes part in numerous exploration missions collecting data from our Universe, such as BepiColombo, ExoMars, Gaia, Herschel, James Webb Space Telescope, Juice, Rosetta... Obviously, these data are currently mainly used for scientific purposes, but we could imagine improving the use of these data for the general public. 
On the other hand, 3D virtual & augmented reality systems have already been developed to visualize Space environment, including for the astronauts of the  International Space Station.


Imagine a concept of network game combining virtual reality with scientific data coming from our Space exploration missions:
- Use data coming from our Space exploration missions (ex: pictures from other planets/asteroids...) to invent a new concept
- Define general principles for your network game (ex: social travelling, colonization, etc.)
- Connectivity through Internet could be worthwhile in order to gather users
- Imagine the current technologies you could use to enhance entertainment (ex: Facebook Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Sony Playstation VR, etc.)
- Build a business model thinking of how to give more value to Space data