Challenge No.Airbus DS02
Propose new disruptive experiences in Space
Imagine the future of Space tourism using Augmented and/or Virtual Reality
Build a business model based on existing products, and propose a pricing in line  with customer value
Imagine the Human Machine Interface that could be proposed to the Space tourists
Create new concepts of Space experiences for education, entertainment, environment, sports...
Link these experiences to the Internet, social clouds, connected objects to create interactions between Space tourists and the Earth

Challenge description


Augmented and virtual reality are now widely used in many industries, both on the Earth and in Space (for example, they can be used to facilitate astronaut's missions on-board the International Space Station).

On the other hand, Space tourism is going to grow exponentially in the coming years,
(some private companies are close to make it happen), and people are not only looking for Space flights, but for genuine new experiences. 

Therefore, Space tourism market could benefit from disruptive concepts (based on augmented and/or virtual reality, 3D gaming...) to create new fantastic adventures! 



magine all the new experiences you could propose to the future Space tourists. 
Any concept dealing with education (learn about the Universe), entertainment (experiment new feeling), environment (save the Earth), sports... could be considered.

Use augmented and/or virtual reality technologies to imagine a market of new experiences in Space, and define an associated business model.

Consider also connecting these adventures from Space to the Earth, giving the opportunity to share, contribute and interact between users traveling in Space and users on the ground. Create a new "virtual reality" to experiment Space adventures as never lived before!